Pandemic Halloween Party

Pandemic Halloween Party

Halloween parties during a pandemic are a bit strange. Trying to navigate the restrictions, and the awful weather meant that we ended up choosing our favourite six people and hosted them at a days notice in the freezing cold in the garden. Who would’ve imagined braving the cold for the sake of a Halloween party, but actually it was the most memorable party we have ever had. 

Having spent so much of the year under strict Covid restrictions it is no wonder we felt the need to overcompensate and have a Halloween party. Having three toddlers in the garden with mummies was so much fun. Keeping a safe 2 meters away from each other at all times, no one was allowed to enter the house for a toilet break. That was the law. But where there’s a will there’s away. Despite it drizzling five minutes before the guests were meant to arrive, the gazeebo went up in a crazy last minute frenzy.

2 year olds are the best guests. They have absolutely no expectations and are easily impressed. Starting with a tatto each we moved onto Halloween arts and crafts. Glue dots and pre cut facial features to stick on pre cut glittery pumpkins are simple, yet brilliantly effective. It’s quick and not messy and the children all end up with beautiful pumpkins to take home.

The next game was absolutely disgusting and perfect for Halloween. Using sensory, squishy beads in a cauldron we played ‘Dig the eyeballs.’

Next up was a pumpkin hunt around the garden with each child collecting pumpkin balls in their cauldron. The food table was so much fun. We loved carving the vomiting watermelon.

We whipped up some chocolate spider web cupcakes and ghoulish lollies for the adults. These were simple lollies wrapped in tissue with eyes painted on. It meant the toddlers weren’t tempted.

For the adults we did a trick or treat Halloween box to gift as a party treat.

As the night drew in, the floating ghost with a spooky glow from the garden sensor lights was the perfect backdrop.

Who knew lockdown Halloween parties could be so fun. It was so much fun we hosted another garden Halloween party the next day.

Let’s hope next year it won’t be illegal to celebrate.

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