Alice In Wonderland Restaurant, Ginza, Japan

Alice In Wonderland Restaurant, Ginza, Japan

Imagine an evening in Alice in Wonderland’s world. Now you can in Diamond Dining’s themed restaurants across Japan. Each restaurant is unique and takes you to different parts of Alice’s dream. The restaurants are well concealed and you will only find them if you are actually looking for them. Enter Ginza’s Labyrinth, with oversized pages of Alice in Wonderland, to be welcomed in by the Mad Hatter from behind a hidden door. It’s customary to wear the bunny ears to join the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Greeted by friendly Alice waitresses you walk into a dark room adorned with playing cards and a giant tea cup.

The attention to detail is ever so adorable. Presented with a three dimensional menu box with a pop up hat drinks menu is rather quirky. The drinks are illuminated with lights and the food is all intricately presented. The little bell given to ring for attention of the Alice waitress is a nice touch. Magical blue jelly poured over the food to make you shrink and Drink me Strawberry tea presented at the end to make you grow back. It’s all rather captivating and special. The food looks amazing however you don’t really go here for the food, it’s more the overall magical experience. The highlight of the evening had to be the magician with fabulously fun fire and card tricks.

The Alice restaurants capture the spirit of the tale and definitely make for a memorable evening in Japan. Perfect to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary.

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