Cafe Rambutan, Shinjuku, Japan

Cafe Rambutan, Shinjuku, Japan

Tokyo is full of amazing restaurants and international cuisines. One thing we noticed about some of the smaller restaurants was they offer niche Japanese food. If you want Katsu curry you will have to go to one that serves Katsu and if you want a hot bowl of Ramen there’s individual restaurants for that too. If you are not decisive it can be hard to even chose a restaurant. However most quaint restaurants will have displayed food art, depicting their menus which can be rather enticing. Shinjuku is a central hub in Tokyo, where approximately 3.5 million people pass through the station on a daily basis, with over 200 exits. So you can only imagine how overwhelming it can be to figure out where to eat with all the options.

However we were looking for something a bit more swanky with a cool vibe and a fuller menu. Cafe Rambutan has a fusion Asian menu which is great. The sate infused by the lemongrass sticks was cooked to perfection. It was divine- and reminded us of our time in Bali. The Nasi goreng was well seasoned topped with crackers and egg and pickles. The restaurant was buzzing with young, hip crowds. The service was relaxed, allowing time to savour the courses. Dessert was a giant profiterole oozing warm chocolate fondant from the centre. We loved this place and would highly recommend if you find yourself overwhelmed by the choices in Shinjuku.


Cafe Rambutan, Shinjuku, Tokyo

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