Godiva’s 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Godiva’s 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Godiva have been masterfully pioneering and perfecting their chocolates for nine decades. It’s no wonder Godiva’s sumptuous chocolate is so dreamy and delicious. 2016 is rather iconic for Godiva, as they celebrate an honourable ninety years of innovating artisan chocolate. The much anticipated London celebrations were well underway at Firmdale’s glamorous, boutique, Ham Yard Hotel earlier this month.

IMG_6784The 90th Anniversary celebrations can only be described as an extraordinary, multisensory extravaganza. An evening of “Chocolate for all Seasons,” showcasing the very best of Godiva. The traditional chocolatier marvelled guests with modern theatrics. Tantalizing the taste buds by stimulating the senses with sound, sight, smell and touch. Godiva has crossed the boundaries with the unimaginable.

Jean Apostolou Godiva ChocolatieChocolatier, Jean Apostolou, eloquently shared fond childhood memories, and his inspiration for the sophisticated, signature flavour of raspberry and rose, conjured up for the 90th Anniversary. Dipping the Framboise-Rose truffles into glistening, liquid chocolate, he sprinkled them with crisp raspberry and chocolate shavings, with finesse.

IMG_6754It was a great honour to be invited to stand beside expert Chocolatier Patissier, Apostolou, and attempt to recreate the truffles. Meddling with the molten chocolate was far more fiddly than it appeared.

IMG_6752There’s something rather alluring about Godiva’s giant strawberries being dipped in hot chocolate. A generous dusting of raspberry and rose flakes added an extra texture and a delightfully, tangy dimension.



IMG_6733Nibbling a Speculoos truffle to the sound of music, whilst acknowledging the aroma from sugar cubes infused with coffee, was a rather novel experience. The music heightened the sweetness of the smooth milk chocolate truffle filled with light mousse and covered with a crunchy Speculoos biscuit. Surprisingly the scent created the illusion of the truffle being infused with coffee. It may seem impossible to make an already amazing truffle taste better. But the sounds and scent really enhanced the perception of the taste.

IMG_6774The tone of the Pistachio Croquante’s dark chocolate shell, rolled in crunchy caramelised pistachio and puffed rice, was gently lifted, by sniffing a rose petal infused with almond oil. With sheer trickery of the senses, the subtle scent of almond oil diffused through, tasting like it was incorporated within the truffle.

IMG_6770The evening saw us sneak a peak at Godiva’s indulgent Christmas range, and a welcome introduction to the Hazelnut Praline Budch de Noel. The smooth, luscious chocolate, caramelized sugar, roasted hazelnuts, are blended cleverly with a hint orange, to draw in the Christmas spirit.

IMG_6779Godiva’s celebration was the ultimate party, commemorating ninety years of splendid artisan chocolate. One can only try and imagine how the legendary Godiva will continue to excel with their culinary artistry, into their centenary.

Get a taste of Godiva at Harrod’s Godiva Chocolate Café 

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