Jurassic World The Exhibition

Jurassic World The Exhibition

When we heard about The Jurrasic World exhibition we couldn’t wait to check it out. Do you remember the first Jurassic Park movie? Did you sit back and watch in awe, imagining what it would be like to be there?

With high expectations from the outset for the immersive experience, these were well and truly exceeded. From the moment you step onto the boat, towards the Jurassic islands, the adventure begins.

You soon arrive at Jurrasic World, with enormous gates surrounded by lush trees. The first dinosaur you see stands tall and is rather impressive. 

There are baby dinosaurs that can be gently stroked. There’s fossils to be excavated and Dinosaur eggs to be marvelled over.

Over in the laboratory there is even an opportunity to touch dinosaur poo, if you are that way inclined. Yes it was just a squishy and disgusting as you might expect. 

There are opportunities to see dinosaurs in training, and dinosaur’s devouring their dinner. These areas are dark and there’s a sense of fear from the unknown. With sudden movements of the dinosaurs in the shadows, it leaves you on edge. You will find yourself running when the sirens go from a dinosaur that has escaped. All part of the the encounter you would expect of Jurrasic Park. 

Whilst we had been a bit anxious that our little one might get scared, he thoroughly enjoyed it all. There had been a slight nervous anticipation in the lead up to it. He’s four, and I suspect it could have gone either way. If he was slightly less brave it might have been terrifying however fortunately he absolutely loved the experience and left saying he’d had a ‘Jurrasic day.’ It’s definitely a unique experience that’s really enjoyable for the whole family. 

Be sure to check it out on it’s world tour.

Jurassic Park, Excel London. 

*Disclaimer: Concierge Angel were complimentary guests however all view and images belong to Concierge Angel

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