Recipe: Fresh Cream Cake

There's nothing better than a classic fresh cream cake, topped with fresh fruit for any celebration. This is recipe that has been adapted over the years and can be topped however you like. It's perfect for a light Victoria sponge cake or top with chocolate, fruit or a bit of both. This 2 layered cake [...]

Pandemic Halloween Party

Halloween parties during a pandemic are a bit strange. Trying to navigate the restrictions, and the awful weather meant that we ended up choosing our favourite six people and hosted them at a days notice in the freezing cold in the garden. Who would’ve imagined braving the cold for the sake of a Halloween party, […]

Chambers Immersive Dining Experience

Gingerline’s legendary, multi-dimensional dining adventure is back. Formerly known as The Chambers of Flavour, Chambers is the fourth adventure through the multiverse, combining culinary creations with madcap storytelling. Ever-popular and always unexpected, each of the previous chapters has combined art, performance, food, drink and design, transporting diners beyond their wildest dreams into magically imaginative alternative realities. […]